Wednesday, December 16, 2009

He was a most peculiar man

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My neighbor Marty passed away early this week. Not much is known about the cause of death, or who he really was as a matter of fact. It's strange though that the people we see day in and day out, whether it's close friend or even a lonely old doctor who sits up on the computer all night long for days on end, are fragile and sometimes leave us much too soon. I have seen too many people lose the ones they love this year especially and it is never expected. Love is a strange thing and if you don't love the people in your life to the fullest extent that you can, you may regret it when they are gone. Take some time and push past all of your stupid grudges and ask yourself, "if these people died today, would I have talked to them enough, loved them enough and gotten to know them enough?" The heart is also a very misunderstood thing, would you feel fulfilled if yours stopped beating tomorrow?


  1. sad to hear that :(
    love your post below- hilarious
    and love your "favorite books" section- im obsesseddd with harry potter!

  2. lovely post.
    And I completely agree.
    Life is meant to be lived-every moment of the day is to be cherished.
    We often forget what's most important, our happiness.
    I hope you don't mind me adding your blog to my bloglist.